Deutsch Süd-Ost is a video novel, narrated in 25 episodes by actress Mavie Hörbiger. After retreating to a “bastion” in southeast Germany a Who’s Who of prominent “last White men” they let their imaginations run wild.


Solution 295–304: Mare Amoris proposes new practical, technological, and metaphysical scenarios of how to fall in love with the sea, and, eventually, have the sea fall in love with us.


Ocean Wants is a series of ten podcasts that playfully explores how nonhumans could like our planet to be. In each episode, I meet with an expert from a different field to ask: What would a given species come up with if it could be as dominant as humans have been? What if fish, whales, octopuses, jellyfish, corals, algae, or extremophiles claimed to rule the world?


The speculative self-help of Communists Anonymous (COMA) understands the historical incarnations of communism as substantially incomplete in thought and practice, and places communism where it originated—in the realm of fiction.